Package vtrace :: Package tools :: Module win32stealth :: Class StealthPeb
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Class StealthPeb

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Disables the "BeingDebugged" and "NtGlobalFlag" flags in the PEB. Also modifies heap flags that indicate debugging.

Instance Methods [hide private]
__init__(self) source code
isPatched(self) source code
writeBeingDebugged(self, trace, val) source code
writeProcessHeapFlags(self, trace, val) source code
writeNtGlobalFlag(self, trace, val) source code
enablePatch(self, trace) source code
disablePatch(self, trace) source code

Inherited from StealthBreak: getName, notify

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Overrides: StealthBreak.__init__


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Overrides: StealthBreak.isPatched

enablePatch(self, trace)

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Overrides: StealthBreak.enablePatch

disablePatch(self, trace)

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Overrides: StealthBreak.disablePatch