Package vtrace :: Module qt :: Class VQMemoryMapView
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Class VQMemoryMapView

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A memory map view which is sensitive to the status of a trace object.

Instance Methods [hide private]
__init__(self, trace, parent=None) source code
vqLoad(self) source code

Inherited from envi.qt.memorymap.VQMemoryMapView: buildContextMenu, contextMenuEvent, do_search, do_searchall, do_searchmap, getSelectedData, menuCopyBytesToClipboard, menuSaveBytesToFile, menuSearchMaps, selectRow

Inherited from vqt.tree.VQTreeView: setModel, vqSizeColumns

Inherited from VQTraceNotifier: notify

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__init__(self, trace, parent=None)

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Overrides: VQTraceNotifier.__init__


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Overrides: envi.qt.memorymap.VQMemoryMapView.vqLoad