Package vtrace :: Package platforms :: Module win32 :: Class Win32SymbolParser
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Class Win32SymbolParser

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Instance Methods [hide private]
__init__(self, phandle, filename, loadbase, sympath=None) source code
printSymbolInfo(self, info) source code
symGetTypeInfo(self, tindex, tinfo, tparam) source code
symGetTypeName(self, typeid) source code
symGetUdtKind(self, typeid) source code
symGetTypeOffset(self, typeid) source code
symGetTypeLength(self, typeid) source code
symGetArrayIndexType(self, typeid) source code
symGetTypeValue(self, typeid) source code
symGetTypeBase(self, typeid) source code
symGetTypeType(self, child) source code
symGetTypeTag(self, typeid) source code
_fixKidName(self, kidname) source code
_symTypeEnum(self, name, tidx) source code
_symTypeUserDefined(self, name, tidx) source code
_symGetChildren(self, typeIndex) source code
typeEnumCallback(self, psym, size, ctx) source code
symEnumCallback(self, psym, size, ctx) source code
symFromAddr(self, address) source code
symInit(self) source code
symCleanup(self) source code
symLocalCallback(self, psym, size, ctx) source code
parseArgs(self) source code
parse(self) source code
parseTypes(self) source code
loadStructsIntoTrace(self, trace, normname) source code
Get the parsed symbols as a list of envi SymbolCache tuples.
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