Package vtrace :: Package platforms :: Module posix :: Class PosixMixin
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Class PosixMixin

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A mixin for systems which use POSIX signals and things like wait()

Instance Methods [hide private]
Setup for the fact that we support signal driven debugging on posix platforms
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platformKill(self) source code
sendSignal(self, signo) source code
platformSendBreak(self) source code
platformWait(self) source code
handleAttach(self) source code
platformProcessEvent(self, event) source code
handlePosixSignal(self, sig)
Handle a basic posix signal for this trace.
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Method Details [hide private]

handlePosixSignal(self, sig)

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Handle a basic posix signal for this trace. This was seperated from platformProcessEvent so extenders could skim events and still use this logic.