Package vtrace :: Package platforms :: Module gdbstub :: Class GdbStubMixin_old
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Class GdbStubMixin_old

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Hand in a register definition which consists of a list of (<name>, <width>) tuples.
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_addArchNamespace(self, aname) source code
normFileName(self, fname) source code
platformParseBinary(self, filename, baseaddr, normname) source code
platformParseBinaryPe(self, filename, baseaddr, normname) source code
platformPs(self) source code
_getVmwareReg(self, rname)
Use VMWare's monitor extension to get a register we wouldn't normally have...
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_getVmwareIdtr(self) source code
_getNtOsKrnl(self, idtr) source code
_enumTargetOs(self, fsbase) source code
_enumGdbTarget(self) source code
_initWin64(self, kpcr) source code
_initWinBase(self, kpcr) source code

Inherited from envi.registers.RegisterContext: addMetaRegister, getMetaRegInfo, getProgramCounter, getRegDef, getRegister, getRegisterByName, getRegisterIndex, getRegisterInfo, getRegisterName, getRegisterNameIndexes, getRegisterNames, getRegisterSnap, getRegisterWidth, getRegisters, getStackCounter, getStatusFlags, getStatusRegNameDesc, getStatusRegister, hasStatusRegister, isDirty, isMetaRegister, loadRegDef, loadRegMetas, setIsDirty, setProgramCounter, setRegister, setRegisterByName, setRegisterIndexes, setRegisterInfo, setRegisterSnap, setRegisters, setStackCounter, setStatusRegister

Inherited from envi.registers.RegisterContext (private): _rctx_Export, _rctx_Import, _xlateToMetaReg, _xlateToNativeReg

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Hand in a register definition which consists of a list of (<name>, <width>) tuples.

Overrides: envi.registers.RegisterContext.__init__
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