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Class DistributedNotifier

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A notifier which will distributed notifications out to locally registered notifiers so that remote tracer's notifier callbacks only require once across the wire.

Instance Methods [hide private]
All extenders *must* call this.
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getProxy(self, trace) source code
notify(self, event, trace) source code
fireNotifiers(self, event, trace)
Fire all our registerd local-notifiers
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registerNotifier(self, event, notif)
Register a sub-notifier to get the remote callback's via our local delivery.
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deregisterNotifier(self, event, notif) source code

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All extenders *must* call this. Mostly because all the goop necissary for the remote debugging stuff... (if notifier is instantiated on server, all is well, if it's on the client it needs a proxy...)

Overrides: object.__init__
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notify(self, event, trace)

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Overrides: Notifier.notify