Package vivisect :: Package symboliks :: Module effects :: Class DebugEffect
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Class DebugEffect

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DebugEffect is used to represent an NOP effect that we want logged.
Example: DebugEffect is created for instructions that are unsupported.

    return DebugEffect(, "%s Needs %s" % (self.__class__.__name__, repr(op)))

Instance Methods [hide private]
__init__(self, va, msg) source code
__repr__(self) source code
__str__(self) source code
__eq__(self, other) source code
walkTree(self, cb, ctx=None, walktag=None) source code
reduce(self, emu=None) source code
applyEffect(self, emu) source code

Inherited from SymbolikEffect: __ne__

Class Variables [hide private]
  efftype = 0
Method Details [hide private]

__init__(self, va, msg)

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Overrides: SymbolikEffect.__init__

__eq__(self, other)
(Equality operator)

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Overrides: SymbolikEffect.__eq__

walkTree(self, cb, ctx=None, walktag=None)

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Overrides: SymbolikEffect.walkTree

reduce(self, emu=None)

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Overrides: SymbolikEffect.reduce

applyEffect(self, emu)

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Overrides: SymbolikEffect.applyEffect