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Package reports

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A package of builtin vivisect reports which produce runtime generated lists of workspace statistics and anomalies.

Each report module must have 2 things. It must have a variable declared named "columns" which is a list of (colname, coltype) tuples, and a "report" function which returns a VA Set style dictionary.

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Return a list of (<printname>, <modpath>) tuples for the known report types.
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runReportModule(vw, modname) source code
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  rep_mods = [('Undefined Xrefs/Names', 'vivisect.reports.undeft...
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[('Undefined Xrefs/Names', 'vivisect.reports.undeftargets'), ('Overlap\
ped Locations', 'vivisect.reports.overlaplocs'), ('Function Complexity\
', 'vivisect.reports.funccomplexity'), ('Location Distribution', 'vivi\