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Package parsers

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The vivisect.parsers package contains all the known file format parsers
for vivisect.  Each parser module must implement the following functions:

    parseFile(workspace, filename):
        Load the file into the given workspace
    parseBytes(workspace, bytes):
        Load the file (pre-read in) into the workspace

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md5File(filename) source code
md5Bytes(bytes) source code
guessFormat(bytes) source code
guessFormatFilename(filename) source code
getParserModule(fmt) source code
Variables [hide private]
  macho_magics = vs_macho.MH_MAGIC, vs_macho.MH_CIGAM, vs_macho....
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vs_macho.MH_MAGIC, vs_macho.MH_CIGAM, vs_macho.MH_MAGIC_64, vs_macho.M\
H_CIGAM_64, vs_macho.FAT_MAGIC, vs_macho.FAT_CIGAM,