Package vivisect :: Package impapi :: Class ImportApi
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Class ImportApi

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Instance Methods [hide private]
__init__(self) source code
getImpApiType(self, tname) source code
updateApiDef(self, apidict) source code
getImpApi(self, funcname)
An API definition consists of the following:...
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getImpApiCallConv(self, funcname) source code
getImpApiArgs(self, funcname) source code
getImpApiRetType(self, funcname) source code
getImpApiRetName(self, funcname) source code
getImpApiArgTypes(self, funcname) source code
getImpApiArgNames(self, funcname) source code
addImpApi(self, api, arch) source code
Method Details [hide private]

getImpApi(self, funcname)

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An API definition consists of the following:
    ( rettype, retname, callconv, funcname, ( (argtype, argname), ...) )