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Package i386

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Some utilities related to i386 analysis. Loaders and analysis modules may use these as needed...

Submodules [hide private]
  • vivisect.analysis.i386.calling: An i386 specific function analysis module that is designed to attempt to detect the calling convention.
  • vivisect.analysis.i386.importcalls: An analysis module that looks for likely *code* pointers by checking for them to be pointing to imports and having "call [deref]" bytes before them.

Functions [hide private]
addEntrySigs(vw) source code
Variables [hide private]
  sigs = [("558bec", "ffffff"), ("568bf1", "ffffff"), ("5589e5",...
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[("558bec", "ffffff"), ("568bf1", "ffffff"), ("5589e5", "ffffff"), ("8\
bff558bec", "ffffffffff"), ("6a006800000000e8", "ff00ff00000000ff")]