Package visgraph :: Package renderers :: Module qgraphtree :: Class NodeColumn
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Class NodeColumn

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Instance Methods [hide private]
__init__(self, vg, nodes, scene, left=None, right=None) source code
takeOverView(self) source code
_removeLeft(self) source code
_removeRight(self) source code
removeColumn(self) source code
boundingRect(self) source code
paint(self, x, y, z) source code
getRightBoundary(self) source code
getLeftBoundary(self) source code
getYMid(self) source code
drawLinesTo(self, colnode)
Draw lines to our nodes from the specified one (used when we are on the right...)
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drawLinesFrom(self, colnode)
Draw lines from our nodes to the specified one (used when we are on the left...)
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expandNode(self, colnode) source code