Package vdb :: Package qt :: Module memory :: Class VdbMemoryCanvas
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Class VdbMemoryCanvas

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Instance Methods [hide private]
initMemWindowMenu(self, va, menu) source code
handles left clicking on the 'open in current renderer'.
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mouseDoubleClickEvent(self, event) source code
_menuSetOpTo(self, va, byte) source code
_menuCopyBytesToClipBoard(self, va, currend, all_window_bytes) source code
_menuFollow(self, va, rend='', newWindow=False) source code
_menuWriteMem(self, va) source code
Forces the canvas to refresh everything it's currently displaying.
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Inherited from envi.memcanvas.MemoryCanvas: addNameText, addRenderer, addVaText, getRenderer, getRendererNames, getTag, render, renderMemoryAppend, renderMemoryPrepend, renderMemoryUpdate, setNavCallback, setRenderer, setScrolledCanvas, write

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  change_render = QtCore.pyqtSignal(str, str, str)
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initMemWindowMenu(self, va, menu)

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Overrides: envi.qt.memcanvas.VQMemoryCanvas.initMemWindowMenu