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Class VQMemoryWindow

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Instance Methods [hide private]
__init__(self, memobj, syms=None, parent=None, mwname='mem')
x.__init__(...) initializes x; see help(type(x)) for signature
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initMemoryCanvas(self, memobj, syms=None) source code
setMemWindowName(self, mwname)
Set the memory window name/title prefix to the given string.
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getExprTitle(self) source code
updateMemWindowTitle(self) source code
getRendToolsMenu(self) source code
rendToolsSetName(self) source code
rendToolsMenu(self, event) source code
_hotkey_histback(self) source code
_histSelected(self, hinfo) source code
setupMemHistMenu(self) source code
enviNavGoto(self, expr, sizeexpr='256', rend='') source code
loadRendSelect(self) source code
loadDefaultRenderers(self) source code
_getRenderVaSize(self) source code
_renderMemory(self, *args, **kwargs) source code
clearText(self) source code
vqGetSaveState(self) source code
vqSetSaveState(self, state) source code

Inherited from vqt.hotkeys.HotKeyMixin: addHotKey, addHotKeyTarget, delHotKey, eatKeyPressEvent, getHotKeyFromEvent, getHotKeyTargets, getHotKeys, isHotKeyTarget, keyPressEvent, loadHotKeys

Inherited from EnviNavMixin: dragEnterEvent, dropEvent, enviNavExpr, enviNavGetnames, getEnviNavName, setEnviNavName

Inherited from vqt.saveable.SaveableWidget: vqRestoreState, vqSaveState

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__init__(self, memobj, syms=None, parent=None, mwname='mem')

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x.__init__(...) initializes x; see help(type(x)) for signature

Overrides: object.__init__
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enviNavGoto(self, expr, sizeexpr='256', rend='')

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Overrides: EnviNavMixin.enviNavGoto

_renderMemory(self, *args, **kwargs)

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Overrides: vqt.saveable.SaveableWidget.vqGetSaveState

vqSetSaveState(self, state)

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Overrides: vqt.saveable.SaveableWidget.vqSetSaveState