Package envi :: Module config :: Class EnviConfig
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Class EnviConfig

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Instance Methods [hide private]
__init__(self, filename=None, defaults=None, docs=None) source code
getOptionDoc(self, optname)
Retrieve docs about the given option if present.
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parseConfigOption(self, optstr)
Parse a simple<json> syntax string into the current config.
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getSubConfig(self, name, add=True) source code
getSubConfigNames(self) source code
setDocsPrimitive(self, docsdict) source code
setConfigDefault(self, optname, optval, optdoc) source code
getConfigPrimitive(self) source code
setConfigPrimitive(self, cfgdict) source code
saveConfigFile(self, filename=None)
Save the config information to file.
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loadConfigFile(self, filename=None)
Load config info from a file.
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__getattr__(self, name) source code
__setitem__(self, key, val) source code
__getitem__(self, key, default=None) source code
get(self, key, default=None) source code
pop(self, key, default=None) source code
keys(self) source code
items(self) source code
Method Details [hide private]

getOptionDoc(self, optname)

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Retrieve docs about the given option if present.

    doc = config.getOptionDoc('woot')
    if doc != None:
        print('woot: %s' % doc)