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Class VOptionParser

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overloads error function that prints to stdout/stderr.

error is overloaded to raise an exception if an error occurs during the parse of arguments. normally optionparser sends it to stderr.

Instance Methods [hide private]
__init__(self, *args, **kwargs) source code
error(self, msg)
error(msg : string)
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Inherited from optparse.OptionParser: add_option_group, check_values, destroy, disable_interspersed_args, enable_interspersed_args, exit, expand_prog_name, format_epilog, format_help, format_option_help, get_default_values, get_description, get_option_group, get_prog_name, get_usage, get_version, parse_args, print_help, print_usage, print_version, set_default, set_defaults, set_process_default_values, set_usage

Inherited from optparse.OptionParser (private): _add_help_option, _add_version_option, _create_option_list, _get_all_options, _get_args, _get_encoding, _init_parsing_state, _match_long_opt, _populate_option_list, _process_args, _process_long_opt, _process_short_opts

Inherited from optparse.OptionContainer: add_option, add_options, format_description, get_option, has_option, remove_option, set_conflict_handler, set_description

Inherited from optparse.OptionContainer (private): _check_conflict, _create_option_mappings, _share_option_mappings

Class Variables [hide private]

Inherited from optparse.OptionParser: standard_option_list

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__init__(self, *args, **kwargs)

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Overrides: optparse.OptionContainer.__init__

error(self, msg)

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error(msg : string)

Print a usage message incorporating 'msg' to stderr and exit. If you override this in a subclass, it should not return -- it should either exit or raise an exception.

Overrides: optparse.OptionParser.error
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