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Module remoteapp

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A utility for creating "remote applications" which are dcode
enabled and cobra driven.  All API arguments/returns *must* be
serializable using msgpack.

NOTE: enabling a dcode server means source for local python modules
      will be delivered directly to clients over the network!

Running a remote application will also attempt to prefer code from
the server rather than the local python current working directory.
( and uses multiprocessing for import/process isolation )

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shareRemoteApp(name, appsrv=None, daemon=None)
Fire an appropriate dcode enabled cobra daemon and share the appsrv object with the given name.
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_getAndRunApp(uri) source code
runRemoteApp(uri, join=True) source code
Exec a remoteapp without using multiprocessig ( may be needed if fork() causes the child to have an unacceptably dirty environment )
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main() source code