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Class CobraHttpProxy

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A proxy object for remote objects shared with Cobra

A few optional keyword arguments are handled by all cobra protocols:
    timeout     - Socket timeout for a cobra socket
    authinfo    - A dict, probably like {'user':'username','passwd':'mypass'}
                  ( but it can be auth module specific )
    retrymax    - Maximum number of times to try and reconnect to the HTTP server

Additional keyword arguments may depend on protocol.

    Only the standard args

    sslca           - File path to a CA certs file.  Causes server validation.
    sslcrt / sslkey - Client side cert info

Instance Methods [hide private]
__init__(self, URI, retrymax=None, timeout=None, **kwargs) source code
_cobra_http_getsock(self) source code
__getattr__(self, name) source code
__setattr__(self, name, value) source code
This is only used by *clients*
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